Your icebreaker to lasting friendships! A fun cross server Discord bot that lets you talk to people from different servers at the comfort of your own!

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Topic-Based Conversations

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Sit back and have seamless and realistic topic based conversations with users all over Discord using a single command! We offer a wide range of topics to break the ice between people. PairPal creates personalised chat rooms ensuring an uninterrupted experience!


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We do not allow sharing links which ensures you won't receive any unsolicited ads. Sharing files, images and videos is also not allowed. We assure you that you'll never have to worry about seeing content that you're not expecting, thus making it a very safe environment for people to hangout!

User Reports

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Report users with just a click to ensure bad sports are eliminated from the PairPal Network. Our staff team will take appropriate action such as issuing temporary bans ensuring that such users won't cause further trouble to others.

More reasons to use PairPal

  • Server Engagement - We've all seen a point where there are no conversations going on in our favorite servers. PairPal helps you talk to people regardless.
  • Helps new members socialise - A lot of us have preferences, that way, new members do not usually prefer engaging in conversations involving multiple people. PairPal facillitates 1 on 1 conversations
  • In a mood to talk about something specific? PairPal lets you pick a topic you like and helps you talk with someone with the same interest.


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